Message from the Dean

Demand for engineering studies has continued to increase over the years despite the old thinking that, engineering is expensive to offer, and attracts few scholars. However, modern training facilities are required to meet the evolving challenges of engineering training. Attracting and retaining qualified engineering teaching staff and good students depends in-part, to the availability of state-of-the-art teaching and research equipment and facilities.  In a fast growing economy such Kenya, and the East African region at-large, the importance and the role played by engineers cannot be over-emphasized. Engineering continues to be an area of growing importance as advanced technological applications are playing an increasingly important role in society. Mount Kenya University (MKU) has a proud tradition of excellence in Applied Science and Technology. MKU is building on this strong foundation; and is actively in the process of advancing and developing a broader suite of Engineering Programmes and related disciplines in training and research. The School of Engineering, Energy and The Built Environment project seeks to enhance and expand the visibility of engineering at MKU by transforming into a modern learning environment with high professional standards which are to be achieved and maintained as the school expands. We look forward to working closely with the University Management, our Partners in development and all Stakeholders in envisioning and achieving the growth and developmental goals of the University in this area.