Welcome to School of Engineering, Energy and the Built Environment

Thank you for visiting our website and giving us the opportunity to tell you a bit about our school. We hope that you will explore the rest of the website to learn more details about the exciting programmes offered by the departments under the school.

The School of Engineering, Energy and the Built Environment started in 2015. The mission of the school is to be globally recognized as a dynamic Engineering, Energy and the Built Environment School that produces creative, innovative and resourceful intellectuals with an ethos towards life-long learning that will contribute towards the creation of knowledge based society.

Mount Kenya University students at the engineering laboratory during a practical session

We envisage being a respectable world class academic and research school of excellence based on modern technology. The School of Engineering, Energy and the Built Environment encompasses three broad   discipline areas of engineering, energy and the built environment. These discipline areas present some major drivers and design principles that are aimed at training learners to solve problems that affect socio-economic development for the Kenya Vision 2030 blueprint.

To achieve this goal and in line with the Mount Kenya University vision and mission, we endeavour to provide a high quality learning environment for students and researchers to gain fundamental and specialized knowledge in any of our core mandate areas, while they develop skills in critical thinking, communication, team-building and leadership. This we believe, present and create opportunities for students and faculty to gain knowledge, conduct basic and applied research that contributes to society by advancing sustainable development principles and practices.