After completion of your studies at Mount Kenya University School of Engineering, Energy and the Built Environment you can join the following career fields.

Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering

  1. Electrical and Electronic technicians
  2. Computer hard ware technicians
  3. Electrical machines service and installation technicians
  4. Power line construction technicians
  5. Power generation, transmission and distribution technicians

Diploma Medical Engineering

  1. Medical Engineers in health facilities and institutions handling health care equipment

Bachelor  of Technology in Computer and Electronic System

  1. Managers in Computer manufacturing industries
  2. Technical support experts in computer manufacturing including end user institutions and companies
  3. Computer design technologist
  4. Managers of computer networks and communication systems

Bachelor of Science in Energy and Environmental Technology

  1. Energy managers
  2. Energy production managers
  3. Design technologist for various renewable energy systems

Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Exploration and Production

  1. Petroleum energy surveyors
  2. Petroleum exploration experts/consultants
  3. Safety managers in petroleum industry
  4. Petroleum drilling technologist