Bachelor of Science Real Estate Management

Philosophy of the Programme

To provide the learners with an interdisciplinary approach towards real estate management by offering qualitative and quantitative tools necessary to access the many careers available in this area.

 Rationale of the Programme

The programme trains graduates to independently deal with real estate business practice, maintenance, development and contribute to problem solving approaches in real estate. The course is structured to meet the current real estate management requirements.

Why Bachelor of Science Real estate Management

The BREM professionals shall be able to;

  1. a) Plan for the rapid growth in real estate, forecast for future needs in real estate and to make sound real estate investment decisions
  2. b) Design and implement real estate structures and systems.
  3. c) Maintain and manage finances, real estate structures and systems for sustainability and continuous growth.
  4. d) Making real estate management and development decisions
  5. e) Value, appraise and assess real estate investments

Goal and Objectives of the Programme

The Bachelor of Real Estate Management (BREM) degree will be able to enable learners to:

  1. a) Develop complete understanding of the concepts, principles, theories and philosophies of business, management, finance, economics, operations and marketing and apply them to Real estate service practice.
  2. b) Facilitate the integration of the real estate corporate environment and the county/ local government
  3. c) Prepare learners to formulate real estate project feasibility studies and other related works and build a portfolio attesting to their competence in the real estate management practice.
  4. d) To enhance self-confidence and the ability to critically evaluate real estate issues and develop solutions from the moral, professional and the academic perspectives.
  5. e) To prepare the candidates for progression to higher levels of study

Expected Learning Outcomes of the Programme

Upon completion of the prescribed programme of BREM, the graduate will have acquired knowledge, skills and abilities to be able to:

  1. a) Offer or render professional advice and judgment on:

– The acquisition, enhancement, preservation, utilization or disposition of lands or improvements there on and,

– The conception, planning, management and development of real estate projects.

  1. b) Perform state/county government market value appraisal and assessment of real properties, including plants, equipment, and machinery, essentially for taxation purposes and other public service purposes.
  2. c) Act as an agent/broker of a party in real estate transaction to offer, advertise, solicit, list, promote, mediate, negotiate or effect the meeting of the minds on the sale, purchase, exchange, mortgage, lease or joint venture, or other similar transactions on real estates or any interest there in.
  3. d) Perform management services for, and on behalf of a real estate investor who is registered and licensed for or in expectation of a share in the commission, professional

fee, compensation or other valuable consideration.

  1. e) Prepare, analyze, and evaluate reports, proposals and real estate concept papers.
  2. f) Demonstrate the values of fairness, transparency, accountability, hard work, honesty, patience, diligence, innovativeness and risk taking in performing quality real estate service work.
  3. g) Develop the ability to access, retrieve and disseminate information using Information Technology and other different forms of communication.
  4. h) Develop a wholesome personality aligned to his/her profession.
  5. i) Conduct environmental scanning of the real estate industry and practices.
  6. j) Conduct feasibility study and other business research/plan related to real estate.
  7. k) Explain the concepts, approaches, and techniques of environmental conservation as applied to the real estate industry.
  8. l) Know and understand the counties and national development thrusts, concerns, socioeconomic and real estate indicators.

 Admission Requirements for the Programme

The following are the minimum requirements for registration into BREM degree Programme

  1. i) KCSE or equivalent certificate with a minimum of C+ and grade C (plain) in both Mathematics and English or similar grades in an equivalent examination approved by the University Senate in liaison with Commission for University Education (CUE)


  1. ii) KACE or equivalent Certificate with a minimum of two principles passes and O level Credit in Mathematics and English Language.

iii) Applicants who are in possession of an appropriate Diploma or equivalent in Land Management, Land Administration, Estate Management, Geomatics, Land Surveying, Cartography, Geographical Information Systems, business, economics, finance or any other diploma recognized by the university through the advice of the faculty